MRC-Holland Foundation


The MRC-Holland foundation is an independent charity registered in the Netherlands. It was founded in December 2011 to expand the activities of the MRC-Holland CSR fund and depends solely on donations of the Amsterdam based biotechnology company MRC Holland bv ( No fund-raising activities are carried out.

Mission and Vision

The MRC-Holland Foundation aims to contribute to a better world by improving educational opportunities for children in less privileged countries.

Currently, most foundation projects are focused on improving the educational facilities and resources in The Gambia.

Board members of the MRC-Holland Foundation are unpaid.


Between 2014 and 2022, more than 3100 classrooms were built in the Gambia, with projects covering all regions. Completed classrooms have been handed over to the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in the Gambia (MoBSE).

At this moment, around 30% of all government classrooms in The Gambia have been built by the MRC Holland Foundation and more than 125,000 children enjoy receiving their education in one of these newly built classrooms. Next to building classrooms, furniture, toilets, teacher housing and kitchens are provided.

More information is available on the Projects page of this website and in two documentaries prepared by MoBSE:

MRC Holland Foundation Documentary Part 1

MRC Holland Foundation Documentary Part 2

The MRC-Holland foundation projects in The Gambia are led by Mrs. Henriette Sonko and her team in Brusubi, The Gambia. For a small number of projects in The Gambia and other countries, we collaborate with other foundations.

We do not currently take new project proposals.


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